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For the ground passes and then for returns. Of course many of the ground passes will have been show court returns.

To get one of the show court tickets straight off you will need to be there very early in the morning. Maybe even overnight now that it is the latter stages.

I imagine there won't be so many queuing for ground passes now it is vets and juniors on many courts.

There is usually an sudden surge for returns after four, when people have had enough and leave. So the queue does nothing for hours then suddenly starts moving. Before four there won't be many tickets becoming available, so if you are not near the front there will be little advantage in being number 7000 instead of 9000.

You will get a card with a number and you could send someone in your party out to get food, catch the atmosphere. Most people queue and stand in line very politely but there is no reson why you cannot walk along the ropes and hop over back to where you were.

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