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Originally Posted by MisterP View Post
I understand the concept of finding the happy medium, or going with what is comfortable. But really, that's not my question.

My question is what is the trade-off between a high toss and a low toss.

My hypothesis is this: a low toss requires that you have an efficient service motion, and therefore it's probably more consistent, but maybe not as powerful for most(Roddick is a notable exception). Whereas a high toss has a higher level of difficulty because of the faster moving ball, but results in a more aggressive first serve (and/or more errors).

Roscoe Tanner and Goran Ivanesivic had very low compact ball tosses and they had huge - absolutely huge - serves. Federer's toss at its peak is only a few inches above contact and he has a pretty good serve.

I think a toss that allows you to reach full extension is optimum. A high toss is more difficult to handle in windy or sun conditions.

But, some like a high toss - Berdych's toss could bring rain. Lendl's toss was also a rainmaker. I think there must be a coach in the Czech Republic teaching a high ball toss.

Personally, I think a toss just a few inches above peak extension is ideal but to each their own.
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