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Originally Posted by 2ndServe View Post
hit forehands to the other person's backhand, repeat till you get a short ball. Sounds simple but that's how the greatest players of all time have dominated from the backcourt.
I know. It's such an obvious way to get on top and yet people don't do it. (I'm left-handed) and when I get cc balls to my backhand I often even elect to slice up the line so they have to hit a backhand (usually to my forehand). Even if you have to sacrifice pace by choosing to play to your opponents backhand it is still usually the better option against the majority of opponents at any level.

I played a guy recently with a really big forehand - much bigger than any of his other shots. I focussed on not letting him hit any forehands at all. The plan worked too - the times he did manage to hit one he often overbaked it. It also exhausted him as most situations where the traditionally good play for me was to play to his forehand side I instead kept playing to his backhand. It drove him nuts - especially because he ought to have been able to power me off the court if we were both hitting off our preferred wing.
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