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Ugetsu (1953) - Mizoguchi - Two men with a dream, their dreams come true but at what cost !

A Man Escaped (1957 ) - Robert Bresson - A French man tries to escape a Na*i prison in German occupied France. A true story. I love how simply the movie is made, nothing distracting, nothing extraneous or superfluous.

Mike, I have procured the movies you recommended: Fireman's ball, the Cranes are flying, Ballad of a Soldier -- now to somehow find time to see them -- I have hundreds in my queue !

I also saw an old musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Lovely athletic dance sequence which was also shown in That's Entertainment. I have seen parts of a Bollywood movie that is based on this. Seven brothers living together in a house out of town. They live like unruly animals, unbathed, fighting all the time. One brother marries and brings his wife to the house without telling her he has brothers. She now has to tame them. Can't recall the name of the Bollywood pic.
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