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I'll preface this post with the statement: I'm uhh... biased.

However, I think the XBOne 'release' up 'til this point was a huge mess. I think people are trying to compare the XBOne against criteria that don't really make sense. I have my reservations about the system overall, but I think having an opinion about the SYSTEM before release is going to be silly. As a consumer, and someone who doesn't live or die by my gaming console(s), I am going to wait and see how the actual experience reviews.

If we're looking simply from a gaming console perspective, yes, there's a lot of pros and cons that go beyond platform/exclusive support. Is the PS4 more powerful? On paper, yes -- but there are architectural differences/optimizations that may affect longevity, and in my eyes, it really doesn't matter -- console games by and large are never really leaders in the graphics department anyways.

From a livingroom perspective (rather than a fanboy perspective), the XBOne may have a lot of value if you consider the entire system. TV is a value add, especially if the reported/advertised features are really as good as they look. Having the ability to swipe in apps like skype, etc, is actually pretty intriguing, if not compelling, but like I said... I'm going to wait until I actually see (from a credible source) what the experience is like. When I consider the average gamer, most of them find the highest entertainment value in online play. This implies an XBox Live membership, which opens many, many doors to a greater overall entertainment experience than simply a gaming one. I see the potential there, I don't know yet if it's going to be as awesome as I hope it is.

As far as offline play, I think a hybrid of what is now the DRM/licensing decision and what they had before would have been best. I'm also disappointed that MS didn't stick to their guns UNTIL consumers had a chance to actually see what locking themselves into a system would have been like. When Microsoft does something like this, consumers come out with pitchforks and torches. If you think about it -- this is exactly what Apple customers are buying into -- the iTunes "infrastructure" is largely a media hub -- apps, music, shows, games, etc etc are all tied to an online (to some extent) account.

The silly always-connected mandates wasn't well thought out, but I think consumers are actually missing a huge opportunity here. From a game developer standpoint, they are not making ANY money off used games. IF there were an elegant solution (please hear me out here...) and there was residual incomes to the devs, prices could actually come DOWN. For PC gamers out there -- how do you buy most of your games these days? Are you spending $50-60 on new releases? Yeah, sure, sometimes... but what's your thoughts on the Steam marketplace? Fire sales for franchise titles at <$5? That MAY have been where MSFT was headed, but we'll 'never' know now. (I have my reservations and doubts, but it truly could have been the direction they were headed)

In any event, this long winded post is basically saying: I'm going to wait and see. There ARE going to be people that stick with XBox just because it's what they "know and love," and if the experience is actually as good as I hope/have a suspicion it will be, I think there's just a lot of unnecessary pre-release drama.

Like I said, though. I may or may not be biased
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