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Originally Posted by GoudX View Post
Usually, you can't just decide to stand on the baseline and expect to be in control of the rallies. You need to hit shots which will draw defensive shots from the opponent by either forcing them off the back of the court or by running them off of the court. These defensive shots will allow you to step up to the baseline (or into no-mans-land). You then need to keep hitting these shots if you want to stay in control!

There are plenty of ways you can draw the defensive shot and gain control of the point, to list a few:
  • Use pace to push your opponent off of the court.
  • Place angled shots to get your opponent off the side of the court.
  • Hit deep with topspin to move the opponents' ideal contact point back.
  • Slice a ball short to draw a weak shot, and bring the opponent out of position.
  • Flatten the ball into the corner to reduce the ball flight time.
  • Hit the opponent's shots on the rise, to reduce their time.
  • Vary placement to get the opponent running.

great post. just trying to be agassi and stand on the BL no matter what without having forcing shots will lead to a lot of errors and weak bunt half volleys.
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