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Originally Posted by TimeToPlaySets View Post
[My racquet weighs] 12.48 ounces. So, if 13oz is good for tennis elbow, one pack of lead tape can get it over 13oz. I will do this, and demo the Pro Kennex as well.

What about the Ki5 ”PSE”? This weighs 13 ounces, instead of 11.5 ounces (Ki5) Heavier is better for the elbow, right?
Two years ago I got TE and it was pretty rotten. Played with a sub-10oz stick, head heavy, extra long, wide beam, 74 stiffness, junk string. It was the perfect vehicle coupled with too many hours of tennis to do me in.

Nevertheless, your stick weighs 12.48 ounces so that is respectable and that weight it helpful for minimizing arm problems. Sure more weight would help but the weight you have now is sufficient. As others said other changes would help:
  • Heavy racquet
  • Thin beam (bends more)
  • open pattern (but not a necessity)
  • Normal lenghth 27" (just don't use the extended 27.5" racquets)
  • Natural gut or multi fillament strings
  • Lower tension (but not necessary if you use natural gut)

Someone commented on the Prince EXO3. The 16/18 pattern is better on the arm than the 18/20 version as I used each for a year. Easier on the arm only because it's a more open string pattern (less strings and farther apart). Both sticks are crazy comfy which is why I use them.
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