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Originally Posted by Djoker91 View Post
Long story short, I had a booming forehand at age 14-16. Completely lost it after taking a year off of tennis. Upon returning I tried the whole rolling over the back of the ball. That DOES NOT work if you are purposely trying to move the wrist and roll over it. Disaster. Inconsistent. I regained my form last night, cracking winners again. 1) keep grip and arm loose throughout the swing. 2) drag the racket towards the ball, in a low to high manner. 3) SWING, not roll with wrist, over the back of the ball. When I SWING over it with a loose grip, it gives you the correct feel of the forehand. Wrist does nothing. Is passive. Your entire swing however can start lower, at contact yur perpendicular, and be a great shot. Does anybody else feel this way? Rolling with the wrist being bad, but you can swing, as a unit, over the ball to have a fast heavy spin forehand? Almost like, swinging low-to-high AND out. Not just low to high. Comments?
Go to a high level ITF juniors event or low level professional event (eg US Open qualifier). They're free, poorly attended, and you can sit virtually court side.

Viewing one of these players from the side at nearly court-level observe:

1. the racquet head swing path

2. the racquet head angle

These vary based slightly on the contact point level relative to the net level. You will NOT see them rolling anything over the ball. The best will strike the ball cleanly with a sharp swing path. As they prepare there's a almost a slight pause as they line up aim and then unleash their swing.

For a ball above the net the racquet head is closed and the angle of the head matches the swing path like a sword cut. The contact point on the ball, when viewed from the side, is somewhere around 2 or so (this varies based on height relative to net).

After watching a few such events I tried the same thing. It was the best lesson I've ever had. I'm hitting with more spin, pace, depth, and consistency than every before.
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