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Originally Posted by taurussable View Post
Thank all for the advice!

a few more data points:

I have 3 matched racquets very suitable for experimentation.

I want natural spin without changing my technique. my technique doesn't generates a lot of spin by itself.

I would prefer a non-shaped poly because I string myself, the shaped ones hurts my fingers. although non-shaped poly might be a contradiction to spin.

I never played synthetic gut. I started tennis with alpha gut 2000 and used rip control ever since. I can't control the power of usual mutis.

I don't need the string to be super durable as I string myself.

I never tried to string the rip control below 55lbs on microgel radical mp.
Oh ok, it is great that you restring for yourself. Here are some suggestion from the SPPP website:

Power: Plasma Pure 1,23 mm (mains) + Hyperion 1,18 mm (crosses)
Control: Tornado 1,23 mm (mains) + Poly Plasma 1,18 mm (crosses)
Durability: Poly Plasma 1,28 mm (mains) + Poly Plasma 1,23 mm (crosses)
Feel: Hyperion 1,24 mm (mains) + Cross Gut 1,30 mm (crosses)
Spin: Plasma Hextreme 1,25 mm (mains) + Poly Plasma 1,23 mm (crosses)
Spin: Tornado 1,23 mm (mains) + Hyperion 1,18 mm (crosses)
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