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Originally Posted by drgchen View Post
If you are new to polys, buy a few sets of different strings and try them.
Find which one works for you, then buy the reel...

I made the mistake of buying reels because it was have many that I dont use.
Yep, this, though I'd purchased a reel of Pro's Pro Nano Vendetta without having done so and was very happy with it. I'd planned to use it as a cross for BHSR in a poly/poly hybrid to cut costs (as if BHSR wasn't a bargain already), and found it to be nearly as good in a full bed. I now have reels in both gauges.

From my admittedly limited experience, I suggest sets of Iontec (soft and powerful), Black Mamba (more muted) and BHSR or BHS (crisp) to get an idea what you want from a poly, and to go from there.
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