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Most doubles sets, I'm paired with the slowest moving, weakest hitter of the foursome. That's life.
You have to hit YOUR best shots, hoping your opponent's, while picking on your partner, don't hit a lucky good reply to your partner.
When partner is bunting soft sitters to the middle of opponent's court, you have to try to take away the middle, while covering your own alley somewhat. Since you partner is feeding softies to the middle (lacking depth) of opponent's court, you cannot just poach with aplomb.
And when your partner cannot put away an overhead from 5' behind the net, you have to cover 3/4 of the court to fetch the replies.
More patience, more work, less fun, until it's over, and by some lucky, unusual planatary alignment, your team somehow managed to escape defeat.
Paired with a weak hitting, worse of the foursome, your only goal is to get a few games, as losing is a foregone conclusion against any pair of middling players.
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