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Maybe you need to try it in a tennis application.
We can swing much faster on top/slice serves.
Swingpath for twists go up and out, so it's harder to swing nearly as fast.
Ball clearance on twists are usually much higher, unless you're going out wide.
Contact point on twists is lower and more atop your head.
While some guys can hit twist serves at maybe 90 mph, most of us barely break legal freeway speeds.
I'm not talking from a theory background. My twists generally bounce about 5'9" high at the baseline, good ones higher, bad short ones lower of course, while my top/slices bounce maybe 4'9-5'5" high at the baseilne, and can be hit much faster than any twists.
My first flats only bounce about 30" high at the backboard, because I have a low contact point, am relatively short, and play in sub 60 degree weather mostly. I seriously doubt they're going 100 since the start of my rock over brick project, which takes away all shoulder livelyness.
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