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Originally Posted by Payam View Post
As you might have read on this forum, durable and poly are almost antonyms, you won't break them but they lose tension pretty soon (under 10 hours) and you need to restring your racket again.
Most polys are also under-powered and designed for big hitters, so if it only power that you are after I suggest trying other nylon/multis which are more powerful than RIP Control.

How if weekly or bi-weekly stringing is not a problem for you and you still wanna buy a reel of one of those polys, I recommend SPPP because it keeps it tension way more than others.
I agree with Payam, if you want to keep poly as arm friendly as possible, you shouldn't really wait for it to go dead. It's an interesting issue to have... SPPP doesn't actually hold tension extremely well, it just plays consistently across the string life -- it still has the weakness of all polys (tension loss). It just doesn't trampoline after the tension drops. It's definitely a nice string, I wouldn't call it powerful like OP, though.

Originally Posted by taurussable View Post
Thank all for the advice!

a few more data points:

I have 3 matched racquets very suitable for experimentation.

I want natural spin without changing my technique. my technique doesn't generates a lot of spin by itself.

I would prefer a non-shaped poly because I string myself, the shaped ones hurts my fingers. although non-shaped poly might be a contradiction to spin.

I never played synthetic gut. I started tennis with alpha gut 2000 and used rip control ever since. I can't control the power of usual mutis.

I don't need the string to be super durable as I string myself.

I never tried to string the rip control below 55lbs on microgel radical mp.
IMHO, sounds like you don't know what you're looking for, yet. Alpha Gut 2000 is a pretty unique multifilament, so I wouldn't rule out all the other multis yet, either. I'd experiment with some of the syn guts -- go trade strings in the string trade thread (if you've got any). Otherwise, experiment with sets before just buying a blind reel (unless it's <$50, then I think there's little risk).

Originally Posted by drgchen View Post
If you are new to polys, buy a few sets of different strings and try them.
Find which one works for you, then buy the reel.
SPPP and topspin cyber blue or cyber flash are affordable reels. Tour bite is popular, more expensive, and shaped. It plays stiffer than the previous two strings. Luxilon is expensive, but plays really well, 4G and alu power are quite popular. Volkl cyclone is decent and affordable.

I made the mistake of buying reels because it was have many that I dont use.
Agree. The recommendations above are solid exploration choices. OP, you can't buy strings due to the FS/T policies, but if you were to e-mail around, maybe you could get lucky and someone would be willing to 'trade' you for reel price/value
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