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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
I don't think you can string ZX high enough to get the power down to poly levels. You probably don't want to go over Ashaway's recommended max of 60 pounds. I know that at 54 CP (which is equal to about 60-62 on a lockout) this string has as much power as a powerful multi, and it already starts to feel harsh (albeit no arm pain). I might actually go a little lower to soften up the feel.
I never pay any attention to what the string's recommended tension range, to me that is a general recommendation. If you only went to 54 lbs. that is not very high so maybe there is hope for good control if strung in the high 60's.

My set up right now is gamma power play kevlar at 64 lbs. with 16 g. blue gear x's at 68 lbs. So I will try that same set up, but with the ashaway zyex mono x's instead of the blue gear.
Pacific BX2 X Force pro. wilson sensation 17 G. 60 lbs.
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