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Default Do you only play with new balls?


I am just curious about this, and would like to hear from you guys what you think.

I'm not really picky about balls. I will play with any used balls, whatever I have available in my bag. Sometimes only used once, sometimes 10 times or more. The few times I bought new balls were to please other players, but not really for myself. Yes, I'm cheap.

However, I've noticed a lot of people are "ball snobs". By using this term, I don't mean to offend anybody here. It's your business whatever you like to do with your money. It's just that some people only like to play with new balls. And if they are playing with used balls, when they are losing, they will blame it on the balls. Which doesn't make sense, because we are both playing with the SAME balls.

I think these people, when they have to play with used ones, they don't do as well, because they are so used to playing with new balls. And to people who are not as picky, it makes no difference.

Sure, new balls got a nice bounce to it, but I think one can play well with older balls too. It's all in the mind.

What do you think? Do you only play with new balls? Why? Or are you like me, who just wants to play, no matter the ball condition?

For the record, I am a league player, and have been playing for 6 years, I'm a 4.0/4.5 borderline (female).
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