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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
You've never played with ZX as full bed, yet you say that you hate it. Illogical, but fine. You went on to play with gut/ZX at the wrong tension and only then for 5 minutes. You seem have an incredible tendancy to make repeated posts about his string that give the wrong information and wrong advice.
I don't hate ZX. I just hate Gut/ZX. You can believe that a string is great but a hybrid with it sucks. In fact, I plan to try a full bed of ZX in the next few months.

I'm familiar with Hexy Fiber as a cross, so I have a reference where I can compare the power of ZX/Hexy to other combinations. Hexy is less powerful than PPA (which I tested side by side) and ZX/Hexy at 4 pounds higher is comparable to full bed PPA in power. It's called making a reasonable deduction.

I think most people would agree that ZX in the mid 50's is more powerful than poly at any tension, and most think it's harsh when you go higher. You're the only one who thinks Gut/ZX is anything better than absolute garbage. Yes, I know you'll respond with "too low tension" in big letters. I can hardly wait for someone else to try it at 60/56. We should make a wager to see if it's thumbs up or thumbs down.

If what you think is different from the rest of the world, then either you're wrong or the rest of the world is wrong. Which one is it?

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