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Originally Posted by suwanee4712 View Post
A bee stung Kathy Rinaldi during her Center Court match with Shriver. Who came to her rescue? Pam did!

Shriver killed the bee and removed the stinger from Kathy's arm. The chair jokingly threatened to give Pam a penalty point for killing the bee.

I like to needle Evert once in a while. But I remember the 86 French SF where Hana had cracked a bone in her pinky in a fall while beating Graf. Early on Hana tripped over a line sliding out wide to her backhand and instinctively reached down with her hand to avoid a face plant into the clay. It was immediately apparent that Hana had hurt herself as she began crying and holding her hand. Chris immediately came around the net to comfort her. The rest of the match was painful for Hana in more ways than one. Every forehand and every forehand volley she hit was painful.

I also remember Chris beating Martina in Houston in 1987 in perhaps their best match ever (the 1987 Wimbledon might've been better). Martina couldn't hold her tears and Chris went over to her chair to comfort Martina.
Evert's usual policy was to just play the calls as they came, maybe pausing just a little longer to give time to the linesman or Umpire to overrule a gift. She seemed more studious in matches with Evonne. In several matches she made it abundantly clear when she thought Evonne was shafted, once using jesture to call a ball in for Evonne before the refs could screw it up.

Graf made it equally clear to the empire she did not want any more gifts in a 1989 match vs Evert.

Shriver mentioned late in her career that only twice in her entire career has her opponent sent a personalized congratulatory note after a victory. Evert was responsible for one of them. She could afford to be magnanimous considering how long it took Pam to get victory #1

By the way has anyone ever seen Goolagong question a bad call or even give a dirty look ?

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