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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
Head heavy? The PK Ki 5x is 9 points head light! Mine might be even more head light now that I've taken the lead tape off the head and kept the over grip.

I've also answered the question multiple times on why I spent only 10 minutes with it. Spending more time than that talking to a fat ugly pig isn't going to make her any more beautiful, unless maybe you're going to get intoxicated and wake up the next night wishing you didn't! LOL
You love trying to change your story don't you? Look at the posts earlier on this thread and elsewhere in the forums about your silly lead weighted 370 swingweight extended length racquet. No response then. But 'suddenly' a response now?

50lbs natural gut in that stick was just plain silly.

Anyone reading this thread would be well advised to ignore anything you post about this string because you have no idea what you're doing.

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