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i can't see de rossi leaving roma imo, he's too loyal, under zeman he didnt play but then got injured. As madrid got ancelotti i can see madrid getting verrati as alonso getting old (31yrs old) learning from him also.

reports saying barca want marquinhos for 20m euro's, roma holding out for 26-28m e3uro's for him.

Suprised only to see fiorentina holding talks with mario gomez - wouldn't mind him at juve while we sell vucinic/matri&quag. Do want juve to land kolorov - think he be perfect in our system rotating with asamoah.
Think juve bid on ogbonna been stalled - read that napoli are interested in him.

Hernanes being linked with PSG rumour has it 30meuro.

Whats happend with Mamadou Sakho - 2yrs yrs ago he was considered the next big thing
Also don't know where jovetic will end up next yr
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