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Originally Posted by Steve Huff View Post
I got some rackets donated to a high school a few years back. I restrung and regripped them all for free, then gave them a bunch of tennis balls etc. I know others have tried to do it too, but there are those who ask for donations, then turn around and sell them. This makes it tough for people to ask for donations, and makes people sceptical about giving.
Steve is sooo right on this. I did this 5 years ago with a dozen racquets on the forum here looking for school or program to send them to. Got 30-40 requests. Several of the people requested them for "their school" or program they were involved with. Many of these people were legit but a few were people with very large sales of racquets both here and the auction site so of course they were eliminated from consideration. In the end I ended up sending them to a inner city youth league in Pittsburg (I think) I never heard anything else from that member so I at least hope that is where they went.

Its just too hard to judge over the internet who is who. Here is the old thread.
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