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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
You complained that the ball was flying all over the place having played with it once. Yet by your own admission you're a 3.0. If you use the 17 gauge (which runs thin for its gauge) with your level of play, its not surprising that the ball is 'flying over the place' and that 'can't get any control' particularly given the low tension which you used.

You want more control? String it higher, or use a thicker gauge. There's a big difference between the 16 and 17. But you wouldn't know any of that since you only played with it once, at the wrong gauge and wrong tension. The problem with posters like you and Ramon is that the errors are user related, stringing related, or player level related and yet you misguidedly blame the equipment and don't think before having a 'rant on the internet'. Pointing that out to you isn't a personal attack - its pointing out the truth to you.

There's nothing wrong with liking or disliking a string but Christ Almighty at least evaluate it properly before taking to the internet with blinkered posts because all you and Ramon are doing is miseading people unfamiliar with your unusual circumstances.

Your right Torres, but you have to remember he can totally change the control of the stringbed with a dampener or string savers.
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