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Originally Posted by JohnYandell View Post
The grip issue is the definitive point in the argument that the two-hander is (or actually is not) a left handed forehand.

The only player with a great two-hander without some mild bh grip is Venus--and her backhand has another major "forehand" characteristic--she hits the majority of them open stance.

But that is the exception and especially for the guys it is a two-handed shot. The exact balance of how the arms are used can vary but the bottom hand grip seems absolutely critical.
I have hit a 2hbh with all three grips on the right hand and with being right and left hand dominate with all 3 grips. Through my own experience, the continental grip on the right hand is a happy medium of the three. With this grip I have found it very important that the left hand has to follow through the ball with this grip to impart topspin.
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