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First, hit the wall with your other hand, to determine basic grip, which is normally a eForehand.
Concentrate only on balls from waist high to just overhead, like for ROServes.
Concentrate on short, direct, quick swing, for fast first serves.
Now get your practice partner, who has a good serve, to serve some to you. Remember, you might not need to move feet, but you need a shoulder turn.
And have your practice partner serve some into your body.
I'd hold main hand normal, for the forehand return, and switch the main hand as needed, if needed, to hit the 2hbh returns. You get used to lettng go on really wide returns, so any grip works in a desperate reaching situation.
All 2hbh's are hit flatter and with less spin than modern forehands, so think of them as an abbreviated stroke eForehand return of serve.
Before you doubter's chime in, remember, this is for RETURN OF SERVES, and not for all groundstrokes.
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