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Originally Posted by 2ndServe View Post
no I'm set on the 1hbh for rallies. I however try to take the returns 1st and 2nd very early and come to the net. Hitting 1hbh returns on the extreme rise and coming in has been very inconsistent for me this season. I don't have the groundies to consistently beat some of the better doubles team here so I try to take the net before they do.

I've seen some chip and chargers take it very early on the return but imo it probably won't work at usta league next season, especially from the duece return side where guys love to poach. USTA Tournament 5.0 servers are pretty pedestrian compared to USTA League 5.0 imo. The later the spin really torques the racket on the 1hbh. It's much easier to return 5 feet from behind the baseline but it gives the poacher too much time this way.

This would save me a lot of experimental hours. On 2hbh returns is it faster to go from a forehand grip to bh or vice versa
Chip and charge is the way to go instead of learning a new stroke you are not going to use as a ground stroke. It's about sameness and consistency. Also don't be a afraid to go right at the guy at the net to keep him honest.
Just my $.02.
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