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This is definitely true, but depends on how your knee is built. I personally couldn't have done much had I not had the surgery. I had it collapse multiple times just walking around.

I went patella, but mostly because that was what my surgeon did. My surgery was also in 2001, and orthopedics have advanced a lot since then, so it's very possible it would be done differently if I had it today.
Most reconstructions today are done allograft (cadavar patella graft) vs autograft (your own patella tendon). Of course some doctors will give you a choice, some doctors prefer one way versus another. In the end, I don't see too much difference in total recovery time for either way in the clinic.

Originally Posted by Sumo View Post
I'm convinced mine happened because I was out of shape. Vowed afterwards to never let that be the reason for something like that again.
While I'm sure being out of condition was a factor in your injury, just because you're in some kind of shape cannot guarantee you won't injury yourself (ACL or other injury).
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