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Originally Posted by roman40 View Post
They make enough unforced errors, and their serve is not a problem, so I don't think a few games (1-2 a set) is out of the question, assuming I am in top form. Top 4.5 guy, has more weapons, including a much bigger serve, basically they're average 5.0, so let's just say 5.0 instead of 4.5. That's my assessment, but YouTube videos can be deceiving. You're right, by USTA standards, they are 6.0 (though not 6.5), but I think that's on par with men's 5.0.

BTW, I like "player perspective" for a level evaluation video, since that's the point of view we have when we play tennis.
You are absolutely off your rocker unless 4.5 means something else where you live.

In Atlanta, a 4.5 male gets rocked by either of these girls. It would be a joke.
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