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Originally Posted by HunterST View Post
If you ask a big server how they hit a slice serve, I've found that a lot of them say they carve around the outside. Even though high speed video shows this isn't the case, there must be something behind it.

What is your theory on why big servers get this feel?

I think part of it is they are indeed striking the right side of the ball rather than the back. anything else?
A lot of tennis myths have been perpetuated by "coaches" and analysts who don't know better. This is one of them.

The same applies to type of string material, which the same high-speed video analysis has shown wouldn't matter because the ball isn't on their long enough to "feel" the string.

Unfortunately, on TT, people will ignore what's right in front of their eyes and continue to believe whatever allows them buy more things and improve their racket setup.
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