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i just did a quick look-through of the 2005 quali draw, you are right, there were some jokers that snuck their way into the draw. the thing is that when draws don't fill up, usually whoever signs in will get in (through a WC). players who don't have points are usually not allowed to sign in for direct acceptance so that is why you see so many wild cards (WC) in the quali draw.

the guys i am talking about are not bad bad players. just not ATP level. when they play ATP level guys, they look bad though.

to give more background info, there are so many tournaments in the summer that the players are all spread out. everyone is trying to figure out where the draw will be weakest. wherever "everyone" is going is exactly where i don't go. making the schedule, especially for players with a little $ who really want to move up in the rankings is a big game. that results in sometimes futures having stronger draws than challengers or challengers having stronger draws than some main tour level qualis. anyway, there are so many events that the quali draws of a lot of main tour level events do not fill, allowing guys with a point, or 2 points, or even no points to get in. going off the top of my head, you can usually count on seeing these types of guys in Washington, Indianapolis, LA, Newport...and in the spring, San Jose and the tournament in Arizona as well.

hope this helps you guys.
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