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Originally Posted by tennisballer View Post
@Roman40. I don't understand how "fine-tuning" your players strokes is one of the least important aspects of a college coaches job. Granted recruiting and scheduling are important as well, but having a talented and knowledgable coach who can help improve your strokes and overall game is the difference between a well-rounded "coach" and an administrator.
Well, I just think that strokes take a long time to improve, require one-on-one instruction, and the improvement will be marginal after a lot of effort (and could potentially make things worse). I think team instruction, that focuses on strategy/tactics/psychology/etc. and well structured practice sessions will yield much more benefit. In addition, there is a lot of administrative tasks that impact funding/recruiting/etc. that take precedence. Coach has limited amount of time, if he can get all the important stuff done well, and still has time to do personal instruction, that's great, but I don't think that's a requirement for a great head coach.
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