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Originally Posted by roman40 View Post
Well, I just think that strokes take a long time to improve, require one-on-one instruction, and the improvement will be marginal after a lot of effort (and could potentially make things worse). I think team instruction, that focuses on strategy/tactics/psychology/etc. and well structured practice sessions will yield much more benefit. In addition, there is a lot of administrative tasks that impact funding/recruiting/etc. that take precedence. Coach has limited amount of time, if he can get all the important stuff done well, and still has time to do personal instruction, that's great, but I don't think that's a requirement for a great head coach.
Many programs that have an asst. coach provide individual workouts for their players. Video stroke analysis and tweaking for improved mechanics is common at many programs. Sometimes the head coach does the stroke analysis and tweaking, sometimes it's the assistant. Your point about making stokes worse is unlikely, even at the lower levels, unless the coach does not know what the heck he is doing. Respectfully, to say that stroke improvement is marginal is very short sighted. Slight improvements are often the difference between winning and losing. Any good program and coaching staff is looking for an edge and to improve in all areas. What's prioritized for one player may not be for another. The big picture is made up of many individual components. Coaches who do not have a grasp on all moving parts will be exposed or be subjected to limited success.
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