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Originally Posted by roman40 View Post
That's why I said singles 5.0 instead. Yeah, he might lose, but it will be close. I think a 5.0 with a strong serve will hold most service games, at the very least.
I played 5.0 in Atlanta. It's basically older guys who used to be decent high school or lower level college players. But what they don't do all that well is move. Which is why they would be beaten soundly by these girls. The girls just won't miss while the poor footwork of a 5.0 will cause them to make a bunch of UE.

You seem to be describing a 5.5 player. A former Div I player playing enough to be at a fairly high level, but not as high as his college playing days.

And as said above, people overestimate how fast they look on the court. With that foreshortened angle in the video, the ball doesn't look like it's moving so fast.
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