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One can argue that certain great singles players of the past eras might have been great doubles players since the styles of play, S & V, were so similar between the two games, but to hear that today's great singles players would automatically make great doubles players is ludicrous since the two game's required skills have diverged so much recently. Nadal would not be a great doubles player as he stands today, though he has an excellent service return. Could he become a great doubles player, who knows? but it would not coincide with his present greatness in grinding it out and long groundstroke exchanges. Also remember, we're talking about team play here and with the Bryans you get a synergistic improvement vs. either one by themselves. I'm sure we can put together a greater doubles team on paper like Mac and someone else but over time, those two great doubles players might not accomplish as much as the Bryans, for the same reasons that you can't simply take greatest musicians and put together the greatest band. As the Bryans continue to rack up records, it seems hard to keep them out of the top few. My take anyway.

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