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I love my HGEs. They are a PAIN to string.

Playability of sticks from left to right:

1. The left-most stick is older (rough texture, brand name "Head" in proper case text). Strung (incorrect pattern) with Gamma TNT2 mid-tension. Excellent condition, slight frame and paint damage. My favorite - I play with it once a week.

2. Just bought this one. Newer frame (smooth texture, HEAD graphics). Chips and gouges everywhere, paint so-so. Large grip (4 5/8 pretty sure). Will have to do something about the grip size. This will be my next best player once I get the grip and strings sorted.

3. Newer frame (smooth texture, HEAD graphics). Immaculate condition. Grommets are amazing. Paint perfect, hardly a scrape. 9.99/10. This will sit in the bag until my kids are out of college.

4. Older frame (rough texture, "Head") with amazing paint and excellent frame condition. Crispy but usable grommets. This is my favorite stick. This will also sit in the bag.

5. Older frame (rough texture, "Head"). So-so condition on paint and frame. No grommets. Awaits a proper Frankengrommet job (I broke a string on the last cross because of my poor grommet replacement). I will use this when forced.

6. This is the first HGE I ever had. Older frame (rough texture, but weirdly HEAD is caps like the newer ones). Grommets are toast. Frame is cracked at 12 o'clock. But I still keep it because it was my first

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