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Default Pancho Segura & His "Two Hand Forehand"

Pancho Segura's two hand forehand is well-known, and Jack Kramer supposedly called it the "greatest shot in tennis." Pancho could hit it flat or with spin anywhere on the court and with great disguise. But, was it really a 2HFH? The classic definition of a 2HFH puts the dominant hand below the non-dominant hand. If you look closely at the photos of panch, when Pancho swung from the right side of his body, his dominant (right) hand was above, not below, his non-dominant (left) hand. When he swung from the left side of his body, his right hand stayed on top but he let his left hand drop off the racket as it moved forward. So what Pancho was really doing was using a left-hand 2HBH on the right side and then switching to basically a right-hand 1HBH on the left side. He could do this readily because only the thumb & first two fingers of the left hand ever gripped the racket, which meant when he went to the backhand it was easy just to let his right hand do all the work. If anyone sees this set-up differently than I do, please say so.
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