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Originally Posted by NatF View Post
And you can't post without being condescending.

Perhaps I wasn't clear, I doubt you actually spoke to Bud Collins on the phone. In his book he writes, "Although Rosewall, the little guy, always seemed to be overshadowed by a rival, first Lew Hoad, then Pancho Gonzales and Rod Laver..." To Rosewall's credit Collins notes that Rosewall was at home on any surface and capable of playing from the baseline or net, especially noting his superb volleys.

For Federer, "Performing in a smooth, seemingly effortless, style, a right-hander using one-handed backhand, he occupies his status as arguably the greatest player ever in men's tennis with rare grace and competitive verve, always in the right place to deliver the right shot from his peerless all court arsenal of angles, spins, volleys and pinpoint serves."
NatF. Why so nasty??? Do you really mean I'm a liar???

You only brought the first part of Bud's words. The second is:"Rosewall had the last competitive word".

"He seemed to be overshadowed" does not mean he was weaker.

Alas, I cannot tell you what I mean about you because I could be banned!

But I can assure you that I have had more phone calls with Bud Collins than your idol has won majors...

You are the second who doubts that I am a friend of Rosewall and Collins respectively. Limpinhitter was the first one...(also Phoenix was doubtful). That even though urban has confirmed my words...

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