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Originally Posted by NatF View Post
Yep, BobbyOne is apparently petty enough to call Collins just to ask him if us guys on an internet forum are wrong
NatF: For your information: I called Bud for several reasons as I do from time to time (sometimes even Bud calls me). What is wrong to ask him about his opinion about Federer's place in history? It was you who once wrote that Bud ranks Roger first (and Rosewall not). I was curious to learn if he really does that way. I doubted your claim. Now I know his real opinion. Why not telling you his true opinion? You would have done the same if you were a friend of Bud's. Your hypocrisy is of world class!

I did not even mention you on the phone: You are just too unimportant...

If you want to know Bud's opinion about Rosewall you should watch the video of Tennis Channel "The 100 greatest players". Sorry that I answered your nasty post. I will try to keep you and abmk on my ignore list!

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