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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, I present you the trophy for being the fiercest Hoad admirer.

In 1959 Rosewall and Hoad were about even. You "forgot" the Grand Prix results.

Muscles was ranked ahead or equal to Hoad most of the 1953 to 1959 period!
I am not a fierce anything, I just follow the facts to where they lead.

I did not forget the Grand Prix de Europe, but that series was less important than the world tournament championship sponsored by Ampol and Qantas, in which all the top players participated in a year-long series of 14 major tournaments.
These were the most important events of the year, designed to determine a world number one.
Hoad was 6 to 2 against Rosewall on the Ampol circuit, winning their meetings at Forest Hills, Kooyong, Roland Garros, The Australian Pro, the L.A. Masters.
Rosewall won twice at Brisbane.

Counting ALL matches played between the two between 1952 and 1960, Hoad has about a two to one edge on grass and clay.
Rosewall had a giant edge after 1960, losing only two minor matches.
This is the best indicator of Hoad's decline in play.
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