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Originally Posted by Octavian View Post
So I'm starting this log....

My name is Jared decided to start this log to track my progress before I join a new adult league in Washington DC this fall. I recently finished my undergraduate degree last month ( La Sierra Univ in Ca), and will be starting my 1L year at Howard University School of Law in the fall. As most of us, I played a ton of USTA as a junior, and some college tennis before my school dropped the team. I still played 1-3x a week with one of my buddies, but my game is definitely not what it was when I was 18 right before college. (Just turned 23 last month). Anyway, I decided that I want to play more leagues, tournaments and such and getting back into tennis shape will a great start. I've always been really athletic, but as we all know theres a difference between being in shape and tennis shape. My summer routine has been as follows:

Sun,Tues,Thurs- Weight training and sprint work
Mon,Wed,Fri- endurance runs and agility.
I'm obviously playing as much tennis as possible, but with all my friends (who were top juniors in my area as well) going to college and grad school, tennis has taken a back seat, but I've managed to get in at least 3-5 sessions in a week. Depending on if I hit that day or not, i'll probably increase the intensity of my other workouts. This log probably won't be a long one, because I start school Aug 12 (orientation). Will probably start a League log once that begins, but for now I thought this would be interesting and fun to to. Hopefully I can post some vids and you all can give me some advice.

Current Stats
185lbs (trying to cut down to somwhere in the 170' bodyfat is pretty low 9% or so..but being lighter on the court will definitely help)

Probably NTRP probably 4.5

Racquet specs
Pure Storm GT LTD
weight: Stock, but have been experimenting with lead so I've been hitting with it at 367g. Love the plow through..but my forehand gets jammed a lot.

String: Kirschbaum super smash spiky 17g @55lbs

Did two hours of doubles yesterday on the clay (super fun)
Volley's need work, and forehand still--Racquet feels nice, but at times unwieldy

Today was an endurance run day- So I ran my hills in my neighborhood
Time: 40:16

Did it at 5am because my internship starts at ran in the dark lol

I'll post some pics of my racquets/equipment tonight possibly

Go for it, buddy! Be a warrior! And keep us updated.
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