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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, How do you explain that Kramer ranked Rosewall ahead of Hoad in 1959? Just curious. I'm aware that Kramer was not always correct.
Kramer? You mean the most emotional and subjective ranking ever concocted?
Kramer changed his mind many times.
In 2006, he ranked the best players chronologically as Vines, Budge, Gonzales, Hoad, Federer.
This last list makes some sense, although I would still accept Rosewall's ranking of the top four;
1) Hoad
2) Gonzales
3) Laver
4) Federer

The top 10 should be filled out with

5) Rosewall
6) Sedgman
7) Budge
9) Sampras
10) Borg
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