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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
Just warning you, a lot of people who like poly don't like multifilaments because they lose a lot of spin, and the power curve is different. Some people find it harder to take a full swing with multi because they can't get enough spin, and power at high swing speeds is high (poly seems to return less energy at higher swing speeds). Still, if poly hurts your arm it's best to stay away from it.

You probably won't find much difference between any of the top choices on Mikeler's list. They will all feel soft and have more than enough power for you, but they might not have enough spin. You really just have to try one of them first and see if you can adjust to the difference. Prince Premier Attack is cheap, so that might be a good one to start with, and it plays like a typical multi, unlike RIP Control or Intellitour, which are very unique.
Interesting as you've kind of nailed a few reasons why I've largely tended to stay with full polys, though I might not be 100% best suited to them (not a big string-breaker, for example)... Q. What would you recommend for those who indeed can't do without that spin and "power curve"?... Poly/multi hybrid?

Are you switching to multis for comfort?
Generally experimentation purposes really, though, sure, comfort is a factor, as is wanting to access good zip and pop, feel, and what's mentioned above ^.
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