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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Interesting as you've kind of nailed a few reasons why I've largely tended to stay with full polys, though I might not be 100% best suited to them (not a big string-breaker, for example)... Q. What would you recommend for those who indeed can't do without that spin and "power curve"?... Poly/multi hybrid?
I think full poly and poly/multi will give you that. Gut/poly is a little different. It gives you all that spin and more but a bit less on the "power curve", though the extra spin makes up for it somewhat. Gut/poly is better if you want some on demand power for put aways. If I used gut/poly I would probably change the poly out every 3 hours because I notice a big difference after that.

I also liked the Mono ZX/Hexy hybrid I've been using because it has more spin than full multi and also has a poly-like "power curve", though the power in general is high. It's a good alternative for people with arm problems. I just strung up full Mono ZX last night, and I'm anxious to try it.
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