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Originally Posted by Emiliano55 View Post
Well, my answer is pretty obvious if you look at my avatar.

Nalby is one of the more gifted players to ever hold a racquet. He made all GS semi-finals, he is one of the 3 players (Safin and Rafa being the others) that could beat the BEST Federer. On his best, he could make ANY player look like a rookie (quote by Rafa).

Too bad he always lacked mental consistency, gone into serious injuries later in his career and lets face it, he was really lazy to practice and get in form.

Rios, Coria and Haas would be my 2nd options.

PS: I will never forget how he let go that semis at USO 03 against Roddick being 2 sets love and one match point. That was definitely HIS GS, a clown Ferrero was waiting in the final. Oh god...
He was also quite good at kicking linesmen! Lol
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