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Originally Posted by storypeddler View Post
Go for it, buddy! Be a warrior! And keep us updated.


My usual hitting parter is on vacation, so I may not get another hit in until Monday or so; but we'll see.

Had a good session in the gym today


135x12, 225x8, 315x5, 325x3

Circuit 30s on for each exercise then 1min break after completing all three. repeat for a total of 3 rounds

Circuit 1

Weighted Step ups (35lbs)
Dumbell Row ( 35lbs)

Circuit 2
Jump Squats
Russian Twists (25lbs)
Inverted Row

Side bends
45x15, 55x12, 70x6

I think I could've pulled more on deadlifts, but I didn't have any chalk or straps with me.. surprised I kept my strength from not lifting for 3months FeelsGoodMan

Finshed off with this circuit a bit later


Here's some shots of my serve..once I figure out how to upload vids I record some..i need some feedback on my groundies/serve/volleys...everything! lol


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