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Originally Posted by robow7 View Post
One can argue that certain great singles players of the past eras might have been great doubles players since the styles of play, S & V, were so similar between the two games, but to hear that today's great singles players would automatically make great doubles players is ludicrous since the two game's required skills have diverged so much recently.
Don't the Williams sisters rather destroy your argument? It seems to me that they play(ed) only part-time, yet had some pretty good results. It seems to me they prove that even today the very best singles players are better than the regular doubles teams.

In fact, on the men's side, I think you asked when, if ever, the Bryant Brothers could be considered the greatest ever. I think the answer, sadly, has to be never. Or at least not until doubles changes from the Mickey Mouse version it has become with the changes in the rules, and the lack of participation of the very best players on a regular basis. I say sadly because I regret the changes that have been made to doubles. I think there is nothing more exciting in tennis than a fast mens doubles net rally. Regrettably the days when the best players entered doubles and took it seriously have long gone.

I have no doubt the Bryant Brothers are very, very, good. But the best? Sadly - no.
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