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I say competitive with 5.0. A men's 4.5 would get some games but probably lose- sandbaggers excluded. One can self rate at any level for USTA. If they played a solid men's 5.5, it would be close to a double bagel loss for the woman. Tony Larsen on this board called himself a 5.5 and is listed on the ATP World Tour website with no ranking.

In the places that I play tennis, a 5.0/ 5.5 means something. One of my high school friends is a top ranked 5.0/ 5.5 USTA player (southern california) who is now about 40 years old. There are many videos of him winning tiebreakers against open and ATP players. The men's game extends deep, players with low rankings can be competitive with the higher ranked players...note the Wimbledon results for Federer and Nadal.

In Ohio and Michigan most people who are good play 4.0, that's the generally accepted highest level for men's amateur tennis. If you call yourself a 5.0 you are either a tennis pro, previous NCAA player, or older former ATP player.

There are almost zero videos of college or WTA players hitting with men...even though many are coached or train with men...there is a reason for this- the women's game is not as strong. It is like comparing featherweight boxers to heavyweights...they might look good, but one big punch and they are out.
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