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Originally Posted by drgchen View Post
I say competitive with 5.0. A men's 4.5 would get some games but probably lose- sandbaggers excluded. One can self rate at any level for USTA. If they played a solid men's 5.5, it would be close to a double bagel loss for the woman. Tony Larsen on this board called himself a 5.5 and is listed on the ATP World Tour website with no ranking.
I guess 5.0 is probably the rating that becomes most different in different places.

In ATL, it's honestly probably best described as "strong 4.5" players. So then our 5.5 is truly the former college players playing at a decent level.

In ATL, 5.5 Mens is where the match is close to equal.

Regardless, a lot of posters here honestly think a 4.5 man would have a chance. No matter what region, a 4.5 is not beating these girls.
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