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Today was an endurance running day. I usually go on lengthy runs on Fridays for a few reasons. First, the extra cardio really helps get the blood circulating to my legs, thus helping recovery. If I had a hitting session, I would have done the run Post-hit. Since I already have some lactic acid build up, this helps build my "thresh hold" for pain. Definitely hard to keep going after a session. Probably won't go as long once the league starts, but this is what "off season" is for. Saturday is an off day, and Sunday is a Strength day..So I'll have plenty of time to recover for Monday's endurance run. Lastly, after a long week at work. The only thing I want to do is go for a long run to clear my head, and relieve some stress. Nothing like it.

So here are the stats

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Went alot faster than I thought, but the RPE was 3 to 4. So I wasn't huffing and puffing lol. Overall, felt good. Definitely going to sleep well tonight

I use Strava for my workouts, so if any of you have an account, feel free to follow and I'll be sure to follow back..Strava is pretty much Facebook for runners and cyclists lol

Best Post workout drink for hydration...ever!

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Really good, and filled with electrolytes. Skip the powerade and pick some of this stuff up!!

So quickly...Here's what I use and why I use it.


Pure storm GT LTD.

I've used babolat pretty much my entire life.since I was 12. ( since 2002--Used Wilson from 2000-2002) and sort of slowly transitioned to more "player" like racquet over the course of that time. Being a huge Roddick fan, I started with the PD+. Switched to the PDR+ cortex, then Pure control +, PST+, PSTGT+, and then to the LTD. I believe my highest ranking was in the 30s (Boys 16s) in the mid west, and not sure on the national ranking. I'm assuming it was very low lol.

I've always been a big hitter, and loved taking huge cuts at the power was never problem. People kept telling me I needed to I listened eventually--and couldn't be happier. Though I take my PDR+ out on occasion.

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LTD, to me, has the perfect blend of precision and power. As you can see I use a syntec grip as opposed to the leather. No big reason really, I just grew up using syntec and prefer it. Leather is awesome, but the LTD feels stiffer with it on. I dunno.

I also wrap my grip 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up lol. Funny story actually. I was a big fan of Ginepri in 2004-2005 when he was on his glory run. I noticed he did it and being the impressionable 15yr old I was, I simply copied him. I'm still a fan, but wrapping this way is more of "good luck" or superstition type deal.

I use Kirschbaum super smash spiky 17g. It was the closet thing to the original duralast that Nadal used. however, the spin potential of SSS definitely aids to the LTD dense string pattern.

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