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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
Here are stats I took on the Edberg-Becker semi(missing the 2nd game of the 3rd set, an Edberg service game in which he held)

Edberg d Becker 6-3, 6-4, 5-7, 3-6, 6-2

110-151 (73%)
72-110 (65% 1st pts won)
19-41 (46% 2nd serve pts won)
3 aces, 5 df's
drew 30 return errors(7 on 2nd serve)

96-172 (56%)
63-96 (66% 1st serve pts won)
34-76 (48% 2nd serve pts won)
10 aces, 3 df's
drew 23 return errors(5 on 2nd serve)

Edberg was 8-22 on break points(Becker made 1st serves on 11 of them)
Becker was 6-17(Edberg made 1st serves on 10 of them)

The 3rd set was the only set without multiple breaks

Non service winners
Edberg: 59 - 4 fh, 14 bh, 19 fhv, 13 bhv, 9 ov
Becker: 46 - 11 fh, 13 bh, 10 fhv, 8 bhv, 4 ov

Winners by set
Edberg - 13, 13, 10, 11, 12
Becker - 6, 12, 9, 11, 8

net pts
Becker 43-70(61%)
Edberg 95-147(65%)

some stats from Espn
unforced errors by set
Edberg - 5, 11, 13, 16
Becker - 7, 9, 10, 5

Becker broke for a 1-0 lead in the 5th and had a 40-15 lead for 2-0. He made 3 straight unforced errors at that point and was eventually broken after two deuces. Made only 2 first serves out of 10 points.

This match was very different from any of their Wimbledon matches & a lot more fun to watch, many more returns were put in play than in those matches(Edberg didn't miss a return in the 2nd set, Becker didn't miss a return in the 5th)

Here were stats espn had on the players through their 1st five matches
10 aces
64% 1st serve pts won
61% 2nd serve pts won
held serve in 61 of 73 games

41 aces
76% 1st serve pts won
63% 2nd serve pts won
held serve in 71 of 82 games
Edberg went to net a lot more than Becker.

To put it another way, Edberg was relying less on groundstrokes than Becker was, which was probably a good idea since Stefan had little ability to do damage with his forehand in a straight-up baseline rally.

Becker, by a 24-22 margin, had more winners from groundstrokes than from volleys and overheads. Edberg had only 18 groundstroke winners and 41 volleys/overheads.

Through four sets Edberg was given 45 unforced errors, Becker 31. Thatís a little unexpected because Becker is regarded as the bigger risk-taker (the lower percentage player). But Edberg was the one taking more risks, each time he rushed the net.

Edberg was the more aggressive player: he had more winners and more UE's than his opponent.
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