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Kal-el 34 as you are very experienced with Donnay I wanted to ask you a few questions. I have played with wilsons untill I switched to the Head Prestige and played with them for a decade before switching to the Platinum for the last apprx 2 years. Well the frame has cracked and the balance is all off so I was looking to order the Gold 94. My concerns are as following:

The Platinum is 7pts head light as you know in comparison to the Gold which is 4pts. I have shoulder issues so I wanted to know if

A. Does this make the Donnay Gold Head heavy in comparison to the Platinum?

B. Will I be able to swing as freely with the Gold as I used to with the Platinum.

C. Will my swing speed be affected? Racquet Head speed? As I need all the help I can get to swing fast and free.

Sorry for the 20 questions but I am thinking of buying this racq and I needed an expert opinion.
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