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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
Thanks, but what sux is that this win is against the best opponents I have ever faced in league tennis and it feels hollow.
I don't think it should feel hollow. By the time they got into a close match in the second set, they were playing for real and that's when you beat them. Maybe they had an off day, but they still certainly weren't trying to throw the match and cost their team a bye.

Philly districts was this past weekend. We won 4.0 pretty easily. The competition level at 4.0 was way down this year. 4.5 was insane, though. The #1 singles player on the team that won (I guess I should say the top singles player, I don't know if he was playing #1 or not) was this kid named Tyler who hit winners off both sides from absolutely everywhere on the court. He won his match 1 & 0, and it really wasn't even that close. He was a treat to watch.
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